Armored cars have a major role to play in the form of protecting soldiers as well for transporting money. The armored car company will build this vehicle by selecting one normal vehicle and then by customizing it with a number of layers filled with armors which will protect the vehicle from any threats. Without these cars, the soldiers cannot be shifted safely and the valuable belongings cannot be transported without any risk. The main goal of this vehicle is to safeguard the person or material within. But the goal is sometimes overstretched and the vehicle is altered to a whole new level. Here are some examples of such armored cars who have decided to take it up a notch.

armored car companies

  • Inkas Sentry

People in the show business have a lot more opportunity to be around and work in armored cars. And some movies even bring in these vehicles which are built by an armored car company that brings the design to a whole new level. One such armored car which is favored among celebrities is Inkas Sentry Armored Personnel. This armored car is immensely huge. It also comes with a V8 engine, and it is capable of pumping out 362 hp.

  • Armored Jeep

One of the armored cars made by the armored car company specifically for the battle use is altered here to give the Armored Jeep. This vehicle was customized in the Middle East region. With all that armor on it is even difficult to spot the jeep in it. There is good visibility in the vehicle which might even turn the other way around leading to some threat. The detailing in the armored car is brilliant. The method followed here is very simple where all the extra scrap metal found useful will be attached to the existing vehicle making it more secure.

armored car

  • Police MRAP

This armored car is immensely huge. This vehicle can be spotted in New York. It is built for the combat purposes where police can use this vehicle to handle all kinds of potential threat. There are even extra protection options given to the passengers inside the armored car like the etched grills on the side. There are many other additional features which are built specifically for police use.

armored car company

  • PPDC

Unlike the other armored cars in the list this one is made by armored car company mainly for the use of the blockbuster film Pacific Rim: Uprising. This vehicle is called the PPDC which represents the Pan Pacific Defense Corps that is seen in the movie. There is the logo of the PPDC on the vehicle which can be spotted on the side. While the armored car was built for movie use, the existence and purpose of this vehicle now, is a bit of a question.

  • Combat Vehicle

Used by the Kurdish fighters in combat this armored car might not be very pleasing to the eye. Filled with flags the combat vehicles are many in number, which are used to assist the fleet in duty. With additional armor and grill, this vehicle is made for battle use. in order to find more information read here!