Left Hand vs. Right Hand Driving: The History and Facts

Numerous car rentals in Toronto and others in the globe often heard one single complaint from customers. The cars stocked either required left handed or right handed driving.

This had been an enigma to many rentals until they discovered that indeed, drivers didn’t just randomly pick a side they decided to drive on. The theme of right and left-handed driving went way back in the past.

Today, this blog will discuss the interesting history behind the origin of left handed and right handed driving and fun facts that are not to be missed.

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Let’s Begin:

The Origin of Left Handed Driving

As per the findings of several car rentals in Toronto and historical facts, left-handed driving was around for centuries. In fact, it has been continuing since medieval era where it’s linked to an intriguing fact.

Apparently, King Arthur’s men and fighters would use their stronger right hand to wield weapons and swords and walk on the left. The right hand being the strongest supported the artillery, while the left hand was used for courtship.

Now, this ended up being part of cultural norms and adhering to this, numerous automobile industries since their inspection started developing vehicles suited for left-handed driving.

The Start of Right Handed Driving

While left-handed driving was the way of life, the society with its continual changing norms eventually gave way to right-handed driving. As per the findings of the car rentals in Toronto, right-handed driving was a result of the French Revolution.

As history claims, Napoleon Bonaparte was a lefty. As such, he would use his left hand to fight and wield weapons. As a result, he trained his troops to use the road’s right side so that he could effectively fight using his left hand.

Now, as time went by, the French automobile industry adopted his technique and soon started developing vehicles suited for right-hand driving. Now, while the French revolutionize driving habits, the Japanese and Britons stayed true to the art of left-handed driving and continue that even today.

Today, though numerous countries of the globe, especially ones pertaining to the European Union, allows customers to pick vehicles that support the technique of RHD and LHD. Hence, to assist customers who have a preference, car rentals in Toronto too are on their way to adopt vehicles that support both the types of driving.

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Moving on,

Here are 3 Intriguing Facts on RHD & LHD

  1. Today on 2 East African communities adhere to RHD and these are Burundi and Rwanda.
  2. The Lesser Antilles communities in the Caribbean are proud owners of LHD private cars even though the traffic law requires one to drive on the left side.
  3. As per the findings of several Toronto car rental, Bolivia traffic requires people to drive on the right-hand side of a road, except when people are driving on the El Camino de la Muerte which is also known as the road of death.

Well, these are some of the findings of numerous car rentals and the reasons they are adopting both RHD and LHD vehicles.

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