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Standard Recipes to Make Cleaning Supplies

Merlin’s Magic Antiseptic Soap Spray
This recipe takes advantage of the magical antiseptic power of tea tree oil.

Ingredients: Liquid soap (2 tbsp.), purified water (tap water), and tea tree oil (5 to 10 drops).

What Else You Will Need: A 16-oz., squirt or spray bottle.

How to Make: Fill the bottle almost full with water and then add 3 tbsp. of liquid soap to prevent the bottle from sudsing up as you fill. Because minerals inhibit the cleaning action of soap, it’s best to use purified or distilled water for this recipe, especially if you have hard water. Shake to mix. I like to use unscented or eucalyptus-scented liquid soap for this recipe.

How to Use: Squirt this wonderfully safe alternative on floors, laundry, toys, doorknobs, bathtubs, toilet seats, and more. I’ve used it to clean up after the nasties like urine toilet bowl overflows, vomit, and more unmentionables. Some of you will love the super clean, medicinal smell of tea tree oil; some of you won’t. Use Merlin’s Magic to wash those little hands, too. It’s a refreshing alternative to those expensive antibacterial soaps.

Effectiveness Rating: 95%

Hollywood Bowl Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Ingredients: Liquid soap or detergent, baking soda, white vinegar, tea tree oil and water.

What Else You’ll Need: A 22-oz. squirt bottle (see p. 43 for a discussion on getting the right kind of bottle).

How to Make: Mix the ½ cup liquid soap and 2 cups baking soda together. I like to use Dr. Bronner’s peppermint or eucalyptus soap for this recipe. Work out any lumps with a fork. Dilute with ¼ cup water and add 2 tbsp. vinegar to make it foam. Add ½ teaspoon of tea tree oil (1/2 tsp. = 50 drops of 1 dropper full). When measuring the oil, use a metal measuring spoon or estimate with a dinner spoon. Don’t use plastic spoons. Mix and pour the final solution into a 22-oz. squirt bottle. Shake the bottle well before using the cleaner.

How to Use: Squirt the cleaner inside the toilet, on and under the rim, and on the seats. I use a high-quality toilet brush for the inside and a sponge for the rim and seats. Rinse with a scented vinegar if you like.

Effectiveness Rating: 100%

Disinfectant Spray
Fill spray bottle with vinegar and add 5 drops of Tea Tree Oil. This will also work as a glass cleaner for mirrors and windows!

Dusting Spray
Fill spray bottle with water and add 2 tablespoons of Almond or Lavender Dr. Bronner’s. (you could just dry dust but this smells fantastic and is the smell that is left in the room. Don’t use the tea tree soap, it smells a little mediciney)

Shower Spray
Bought, not made. Attitude brand with tangerine and ylang ylang.