Should You Go For Painting Or Refacing Or Replacing Of The Kitchen Cabinets?

Do I need to replace the kitchen cabinets? Eventually, it comes down to: does it makes sense to replace an existing cabinet completely, or continue with the old one by refacing or painting it? As soon as the kitchen cabinets show signs of wearing, one is bound to come up with such questions.

A kitchen cabinets company in Toronto points that it’s not uncommon for people to replace their entire kitchen cabinet, in case they find refacing the cabinets crosses their budget limit. However, many homeowners stick to their old cabinets and only wishes to paint it and give it a new look. 

Kitchen Cabinets Company in Toronto

Some homeowners go for complete kitchen renovation. However, it costs a fortune. If a complete kitchen renovation is not in your cards, you don’t need to worry at all. This post will help you to choose between replacing or refacing or painting the kitchen cabinets. Let’s take a look below:


What does refacing mean? Do you have any idea? It replaces all front-facing parts, i.e. doors and drawers of the cabinet, and leaving the rest of the parts just like before. In other words, the existing cabinetry framework remains intact; while doors and drawers are changed. This gives the cabinet and also the kitchen a new look. 

The best part about refacing the cabinets is the reduced cost. Full replacement of cabinets from a kitchen cabinet company in Toronto would cost more. Also, the refacing job is quick as there is no need to replace the front-facing hardware. However, the framework of the cabinets should be strong.


A slight difference is present between the painting and refacing of the kitchen cabinets. While the painting of the cabinets would revive the present look; whereas, refacing provides a completely new look to the cabinets. If one takes into consideration a total replacement, it is bound to get expensive. However, if you have a restricted budget, it’s better to opt for painting. 

Painting might be cheap but dust and grease start to build up on the painted cabinets. This is not the case with refaced cabinets. So if you are going for painting, you should properly maintain it.

Kitchen Cabinets Company in Toronto


Should I replace the old cabinets of my kitchen? Most kitchen cabinet companies in Toronto faces this question pretty often. With time, kitchen cabinets go through a lot of wear and tear. Since cabinets are crafted from wood; water damage is a common thing. Water damages the wood completely. Some signs indicate that the cabinets should be replaced immediately: wood has started to warp, wood has blackened, mold appears, or cabinets are not opening or closing properly. In case, the overall function of the cabinets is not very smooth, you should always replace it and not go for repair.

Well, before you go ahead and replace the old cabinets with a new one, make sure to find out the source of water leakage and fix it. Or else, it would damage the wood of the new cabinet also. 

Refacing or Replacement

Are you happy with the kitchen layout? Yes. Just opt for a cabinet refacing job. With refacing, you get the chance to restyle the existing cabinet by placing a veener on the cabinet box and changing the doors and drawers. A kitchen cabinet company in Toronto feels that it is a popular way to spruce up the cabinetry without spending a fortune.

During a kitchen renovation, replacing the old with a new cabinet is the best bet. Ripping-off the old cabinets is not a good option. If you are on a limited budget, go for refacing or painting; however, replacement would be a good option if your cabinets are not in good shape.